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Wow, this is an amazing what people can create, and by “create” I mean absolutely amazing design from Estonia called “Bsurd”. The odds that you will get a quality scarf or cool bowtie from H and M or any other shops, is actually not that big. I have had plenty of scarves from there and to be honest, they don’t last that long. Why ? First of all, quality of the material. H and M’s materials are not very long-lasting because they use cheap materials. So, instead of 3-5 bad quality scarves in a year, I have bought usually only one or two long lasting scarves. Of course, not all the women are like me, but I assume you understand me where I’m going with this. Bsurd has quality silk and wool scarfs, which is designed by Heidi Mänd. This woman, literally, she is an amazing designer,who by the way – does all her designs from scratch.  By this I mean she does not use any templates to design her beautiful butterflies, zebras, ships or cute little ladybirds. What else do we want ? Right ? I have had one scarf already like an half year or so, and guess what ? It looks like new, because quality and of course style – it all matters. So, what can we do about it ? Well, you can say goodbye to your old bad quality material scarves and buy amazing Bsurd scarves and bowties. Oh and bowties… these are so cute, honestly, hand on mu heart. These bowties are so cute they look good even on my neck, just check them out below:

Photographer: Meelika Lehola/Heidi mänd

Retouch: Meelika Lehola

Designs: Bsurd – Heidi Mänd



  • Accessories designed in Estonia
    Instagram: bsurd_accessories
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    NuNordik, Vabaduse Väljak 8, Tallinn
    Tallinna Kaubamaja, Gonsiori 2, Tallinn
    Les Petites, Telliskivi 60a, Telliskivi Loomelinnak, Tallinn
    KUMU pood, Weizenbergi 34/Valge 1, Tallinn
    Tartu Kaubamaja, Riia 1, Tartu
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    Silk and wool scarves, bow ties and other accessories


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